March 25, 2024

A Snapshot of the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry encompasses a vast range of services within the service sector, including accommodations, food and beverage services, event planning, theme parks, and the broader spectrum of travel and tourism. This sector has proven to be resilient, overcoming obstacles ranging from economic downturns to health crises like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Remarkably, the industry is on a growth trajectory, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, projecting the market to surpass $6 trillion by 2028 Hospitality Global Market Report 2024 – Research and Markets. It’s noteworthy that the global landscape of hospitality offers approximately 15.5 million hotel rooms, alongside a diverse array of apartments and other lodging options. Adding a historical perspective, the hospitality and tourism sectors have been intertwined with human activity for centuries, evidenced by the operation of the world’s oldest hotel in Japan. This establishment has been managed by the same family for over 50 generations, dating back more than 1,300 years. 16 Astonishing Facts about the Hospitality Industry – primaconsultant.

This enduring and expansive industry is a testament to human’s perpetual desire for exploration, connection, and experience. The ability to adapt and innovate has allowed the hospitality industry to not only survive but thrive through various global challenges, signaling a promising future ahead. As we look forward, the industry continues to evolve, embracing new technologies and sustainable practices to meet the changing needs and preferences of travelers worldwide. Thus, the emergence of electric vehicle charging services became apparent, as did the necessity for their management. The availability of EV charging stations at hotels is becoming a critical factor in the decision-making process for guests, with searches for EV charging facilities now ranking as a high-priority term for hotel bookings. Hotels that offer EV charging are not just meeting the immediate needs of their guests but are also positioning themselves as leaders in sustainability and customer service. Data indicates that hotels with EV charging facilities report higher revenue per available room rates, underscoring the financial benefits of catering to the EV-driving market. EV charging is the next essential hotel amenity.

Marriott is leading the charge with over 3000 hotels equipped with Level 2 charging stations, signaling a significant trend across the industry. Other chains like Hilton and Best Western are also expanding their EV charging capabilities

Luxury hotels are more likely to include EV charging amenities, with adoption rates as high as 89.6%, compared to less than a third of U.S. properties for some major chains. This discrepancy highlights a significant area for growth and improvement within the industry.

Hotel Property Management System

Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) serve as essential operational tools for hotels, functioning as comprehensive platforms that oversee a wide range of hotel operations. Envisioned as the operational core of a hotel, these systems play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless experiences for guests, from reservation to check-out. The evolution of this technology has positioned it as a critical asset in the hospitality sector, with the market value reaching approximately $1.3 billion, reflecting its significant impact and adoption across the industry. Hospitality Property Management Software (PMS) Market Insights

These systems streamline various key operations:

  • Reservation Management: PMS ensures efficient handling of guest bookings, arrivals, and departures, providing a fluid experience for both guests and staff.
  • Rate Management: These systems assist in dynamically setting room prices to optimize revenue while maintaining competitive pricing for guests.
  • Housekeeping Coordination: They schedule and track housekeeping tasks, ensuring that cleanliness standards are consistently met.
  • Guest Communication: PMS automates communication with guests, sending pre-arrival and post-departure emails to enhance guest engagement and satisfaction.
  • Financial Oversight: The systems monitor financial transactions related to guest stays, including room charges and other services, ensuring accurate billing and financial reporting.
  • Channel Management: They manage the hotel’s presence on various booking platforms to maximize occupancy rates.

As technology continues to advance, Hotel Property Management Systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, integrating with new technologies to further enhance guest experiences. Far from being just backend tools, these systems are now at the forefront of ensuring that hotel stays are memorable, convenient, and efficient for guests.

HOBACA Solution: Sleep&Charge

HOBACA has stepped up to address a specific gap in the hospitality sector by developing a tailored backend charging platform software solution that seamlessly integrates with the already complex hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). This unique offering places HOBACA as the only platform globally providing such a comprehensive solution for hotel PMS integration.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how this system enhances the guest experience and streamlines hotel operations:

1. Guest Arrival and Check-in:

  • Upon arriving at the hotel, guests proceed with the check-in process, which remains unchanged and can be completed either online prior to arrival or in-person at the hotel, depending on the respective hotel procedures.

2. Guest Arrival and Check-in:

  • Should guests decide to use the EV charging service, they simply drive their electric vehicle to the designated hotel charging station.

3. Initiating the Charging Process:

  • To start charging, guests have two user-friendly options:
    • QR Code Scan: Guests can scan a QR code visibly located on the EV charger. After scanning, they enter their room reservation number and last name to authenticate and start the charging session.
    • Room Key Card: Alternatively, guests can use their hotel room key card directly at the charger to initiate the charging process.

4. Seamless Billing Integration:

  • Once the charging session is complete, the cost is automatically added to the guest’s room bill, akin to minibar or other hotel service charges.

5. Check-out and Payment:

  • At check-out, the hotel’s PMS presents the guest’s charging session history and associated costs alongside other room charges. This consolidated billing allows guests to settle all expenses in one transaction.

This integration ensures a frictionless experience for guests using EV charging services, mirroring the ease and convenience they expect from hotel amenities. Additionally, it streamlines operations for hotel staff, who can manage all services, including EV charging, within the existing PMS framework they are already familiar with. This innovation not only enhances guest satisfaction but also positions hotels as modern, eco-friendly destinations catering to the needs of EV drivers.

Harness the Power of Sleep&Charge

Incorporating EV charging facilities within the hospitality sector goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a strategic enhancement towards sustainability, elevating guest satisfaction, and distinguishing market presence. As EV ownership escalates globally, the availability of charging stations becomes a pivotal amenity, enriching the guest experience while underscoring a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Opting for HOBACA as a strategic ally in this endeavor presents multiple benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: HOBACA’s platform uniquely integrates with leading hotel Property Management Systems, ensuring EV charging services blend smoothly with current operations without hindrance.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: The Sleep&Charge concept introduced by HOBACA elevates the guest experience, facilitating effortless overnight EV charging. This service mirrors the comfort and convenience guests seek, promising a fully charged vehicle ready for their next journey.
  • Operational Streamlining: HOBACA eliminates the need for extensive staff retraining or system overhauls. Its intuitive design and PMS compatibility streamline operations, allowing hotels to effortlessly manage EV charging alongside their standard services.
  • Financial Benefits and Global Visibility: Introducing EV charging can distinguish a hotel in a competitive landscape, attracting a growing demographic of eco-conscious travelers. This not only improves occupancy rates but may also unveil new revenue avenues through charging services. Additionally, it amplifies the hotel’s global visibility, showcasing its commitment to sustainability and innovation on an international stage, appealing to a broader audience and potentially capturing global markets.
  • Sustainability Leadership: Adopting EV charging aligns hotels with global sustainability initiatives, resonating with eco-aware guests and positioning the hotel as a sustainability frontrunner. This proactive stance on environmental responsibility underscores the hotel’s role in fostering sustainable travel practices.

Conclusively, the integration of EV charging stations is indispensable in today’s eco-focused travel landscape. Choosing HOBACA to enable this integration allows hotels to leverage the Sleep&Charge concept effectively, catering to the modern traveler’s evolving preferences while championing eco-friendly practices. Embracing HOBACA’s innovative solution marks a stride towards redefining hospitality services for the environmentally conscious guest, establishing new benchmarks for guest satisfaction, operational excellence, and global visibility in the hospitality industry.


  1. What is HOBACA, and how does it relate to EV charging in hotels?

    HOBACA offers a specialized backend charging platform software solution that integrates seamlessly with hotel Property Management Systems (PMS), focusing on providing EV charging services within the hospitality sector.

  2. Why is offering EV charging at hotels important?

    Offering EV charging at hotels caters to the growing demographic of EV owners, enhancing guest experience, aligning with sustainability goals, and providing a competitive edge in the hospitality market.

  3. How does HOBACA’s platform integrate with hotel PMS?

    HOBACA’s platform is uniquely designed to fully integrate with leading hotel PMSs, enabling a smooth addition of EV charging services to the hotel’s existing operational framework without the need for extensive staff training.

  4. What benefits do hotels gain by using HOBACA for EV charging services?

    Hotels benefit from streamlined operations, enhanced guest satisfaction, potential new revenue streams, increased global visibility, and alignment with environmental sustainability practices.

  5. How does the Sleep&Charge concept work for hotel guests using EV charging?

    Guests can easily initiate the EV charging process by scanning a QR code at the charging station or using their hotel room key card, with the cost automatically added to their room bill, similar to other hotel services.

  6. What makes HOBACA stand out in the market for hotel EV charging solutions?

    HOBACA is the only platform globally offering full integration with leading hotel PMSs, providing a user-friendly, seamless experience for both guests and hotel staff regarding EV charging.

  7. How does offering EV charging at hotels impact global visibility?

    By offering EV charging, hotels can attract eco-conscious travelers worldwide, enhancing their global market appeal and showcasing their commitment to sustainability and modern amenities.




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