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Solution for Charging Station Owners

Unrivaled User Experience

Experience unparalleled simplicity with our software's wallet-friendly payment process. Say goodbye to complex mobile apps and registrations - our seamless end-customer experience rivals traditional petrol stations. Just use your phone camera and internet connection to scan the QR code. Of course, user may always opt for RFID cards and our standard mobile app.

Easy to Use

  • No need for an app
  • Quick and simple
  • Compatible with RFID and mobile apps
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Revenue Optimization

HOBACA empowers users with a cutting-edge tariff management system that offers an intuitive wizard for easy customization. Effortlessly adjust tariffs using various filters and a user-friendly calendar to compose different prices for specific dates and times. While fully automatic dynamic tariffs are in development, this feature allows you to optimize customer flow, enhance charging operations, and maximize revenue potential with ease.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tariff modifications
  • Tailored tariffs for various criteria
  • Higher revenue
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Improved Utilization Rate

HOBACA revolutionizes EV charging with unparalleled utilization, elevated user experience, and amplified profits. Our reservation system empowers users to charge their EV at their desired time and location, while seamlessly optimizing charging point utilization. The result: soaring utilization rates as user chooses available charging points in advance, heightened user satisfaction as users have the option to avoid waiting and opt for available charging points, and substantial profit growth as the utilization rate increases.

Key Features:

  • Possibility to reserve a time slot
  • Optimal EV charging point utilization
  • Increased user satisfaction and revenue
Improved Utilization Rate

Scalability & Reliability

Our hardware-agnostic approach, driven by robust standardization through the powerful OCPP protocols, paves the way for effortless scalability. With full support for OCPP 1.6 and nearing compatibility with OCPP 2.01, our solution is universally accepted all around the world and for all major EV charging infrastructure brands. Furthermore, the platform is designed to handle high traffic and accommodate the rapid addition of new charging units. Thus ensuring a seamless and reliable experience, even during times of significant expansion and increased demand.

Key Features:

  • OCPP 1.6 fully compatible
  • Seamless integration with all major EV charging infrastructure brands
  • Reliable even during increased traffic
Scalability & Reliability

Customizable Loyalty Program

At HOBACA, we hold customer loyalty in the highest regard, recognizing the immeasurable worth of both acquiring new customers and retaining our existing ones. We have invested considerable time and effort in meticulously crafting a diverse range of game-type award scenarios, infusing an element of excitement and fun into the loyalty experience. We fully comprehend that our bigger clients may possess distinct needs and preferences. With that understanding, we take immense pride in offering tailor-made loyalty rewards, specifically curated to align seamlessly with their unique requirements.

Key Features:

  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Game-type loyalty programs
  • Customizable for bigger clients
Customizable Loyalty Program

Key Benefits of Using HOBACA platform

Global Visibility Globe

Global Visibility

HOBACA's strategic partnerships ensure the worldwide visibility of our electric vehicle charging stations across international platforms, enabling seamless roaming capabilities and significantly boosting revenue generation, ultimately eradicating any concerns EV users may have about locating suitable charging points, while concurrently providing charging point operators with advantages stemming from both recurring and one-time customers.

Travel Agency Software Solution
Travel Agency Software Solution
Integration with the Existing Infrastructure

Integration with the Existing Infrastructure

HOBACA offers more than just an all-in-one solution for managing EV charging points; it also provides effortless integration with various existing customer systems. For instance, in a blink of an eye, we can seamlessly integrate with popular hotel property management systems. This feature showcases the flexibility of our platform, empowering our customers to leverage their current infrastructure and enhance operational efficiency without any disruptions. The hotel integration is just one of the many possibilities, making HOBACA a versatile and adaptable solution for diverse business needs.

Integration with the Existing Infrastructure
Finance and Analztics

Finance and Analytics

Our cutting-edge solution goes beyond managing EV charging points. With integrated invoice fiscalization, comprehensive customer analytics, and both private and business billing options, operators gain powerful tools to drive revenue growth and enhance utilization rates. Unlock the full potential of your business with HOBACA's data-driven approach, enabling informed decision-making and optimized operations for increased profitability.

Finance and Analytics Image
Finance and Analytics Imag
Fleet Management Payment
Fleet Management Payment

Fleet Management

HOBACA understands the significance of fleet management for companies and provides user-friendly modules that cater to efficient charging cost control within fleet operations. With HOBACA, companies can effectively monitor and regulate charging costs, making informed decisions to maximize efficiency and cost savings across their entire fleet.

Travel Agency Software Embedded Payment
Travel Agency Platform Solution

Smart Load Management & Ancillary Services

By analyzing the location's peak power availability, our advanced modules expertly balance energy usage, ensuring smooth charging operations. Furthermore, our platform caters to the needs of distribution system operators. They can leverage our ancillary services to address potential challenges within their distribution networks, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Embrace the future of electric vehicle charging with our smart load management and ancillary services modules, empowering you to shape a greener and more efficient energy landscape.

Travel Agency Software Solution
Travel Agency Software Solution