With HOBACA, managing your EV charging infrastructure becomes a breeze. Our platform provides a centralized and user-friendly interface to control and monitor all your charging stations, regardless of their number.

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You can easily add, manage, and categorize each charging station with tags like location and type, streamlining your operations and ensuring a seamless experience for your users. Connecting your charging stations to HOBACA is a straightforward process – all you need is an internet connection and support for the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) protocol. Once these criteria are met, our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, saving you time and effort in setup and configuration. 


Easy and Convenient


HOBACA takes the hassle out of payments. Users have multiple options for easy and convenient payments – they can scan a QR code for a one-time charge, use our dedicated mobile app for loyalty programs and rewards, or utilize RFID cards for quick and effortless transactions. Our platform’s customizable tariffs allow you to set pricing according to your preferences and the needs of your users, providing you with the flexibility to optimize your revenue stream. 

Attractive Loyalty Programs

For added convenience and to enhance user retention, you can implement attractive loyalty programs through HOBACA. Rewarding frequent users with exclusive benefits encourages them to choose your public parking space for their charging needs repeatedly, solidifying customer loyalty and boosting your reputation. 




With HOBACA, you gain enhanced visibility on major EV charging platforms, attracting more EV drivers to your public parking space. Our modern approach to marketing promotes your space as an eco-friendly destination, increasing its appeal to sustainability-minded drivers and contributing to the growth of your user base. 


At HOBACA, we understand the importance of reliable technical support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or troubleshooting needs, providing you and your users with a smooth and worry-free charging experience. 


Potential of Public
Parking Space


Join HOBACA today and unlock the full potential of your public parking space. Experience the benefits of increased revenue, enhanced user satisfaction, and a reputation as a forward-thinking and eco-conscious charging destination. With HOBACA, you become a driving force in the EV revolution, offering top-notch services to the growing community of EV enthusiasts and drivers.