For companies with large vehicle fleets, managing EV charging becomes a seamless process with HOBACA. Our platform offers a centralized and user-friendly interface, enabling you to effortlessly control and monitor multiple charging stations.

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Whether you have a few or a multitude of charging points, HOBACA allows you to add, manage, and categorize each station based on location and type, ensuring streamlined operations for your entire fleet.  HOBACA provides a unique dual functionality, tailored to suit your specific needs. For internal use, you can offer EV charging exclusively to your company employees. With this option, employees can charge for free or with specific tariffs set up by the company, providing an attractive employee benefit that promotes sustainability and encourages EV adoption within your organization. At the same time, HOBACA offers a public-facing feature that enables you to open your charging stations to the public. This creates an additional revenue stream for your company, allowing you to capitalize on the growing demand for EV charging services in the public domain. Integration is hassle-free with HOBACA. As long as your charging stations have an internet connection and support the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) protocol, connecting them to our platform is quick and straightforward. Our team provides full support during this process, making sure you get up and running in no time. 


Highly Customizable Tariffs


Companies with big vehicle fleets need a versatile payment system, and HOBACA delivers just that. Users have multiple payment options, including scanning a QR code, using the dedicated mobile app with loyalty programs, or utilizing RFID cards. Our platform’s customizable tariffs allow you to set pricing tailored to your company’s needs, providing you with the flexibility to optimize revenue streams.  HOBACA understands the importance of data for big companies. That’s why our platform offers comprehensive financial statistics that can easily be used by your accounting department. You can effortlessly export data in CSV format, making financial reporting and analysis a breeze. 

Customizable Loyalty Programs

To encourage loyalty and maximize user satisfaction, implement attractive loyalty programs through HOBACA. Reward frequent users, whether they are your employees or public customers, with exclusive benefits. These programs incentivize your team and customers to use your EV charging services consistently, boosting overall fleet efficiency and customer retention. 


Worried about Technical Support?

Our dedicated team at HOBACA provides reliable technical support, ensuring that you and your users have a smooth and worry-free charging experience. We are here to assist you and your fleet 24/7, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. 



Power management is essential for big companies with extensive vehicle fleets. HOBACA’s advanced capabilities optimize total peak power usage, preventing potential overloads. This ensures a seamless charging experience for your fleet and maintains a stable electricity distribution throughout your premises. By offering EV charging services through HOBACA, your company gains enhanced visibility on major EV charging platforms. This modern approach to marketing positions your company as an environmentally conscious leader in the industry, attracting more eco-conscious partners and customers. 


EV Revolution


Join HOBACA today and unlock the full potential of your big vehicle fleet. Experience the benefits of increased revenue, enhanced user satisfaction, and a reputation as a forward-thinking and eco-conscious company.

With HOBACA, your company becomes a driving force in the EV revolution, offering top-notch services to the growing community of EV enthusiasts and drivers.