A world where EV charging stations aren’t just functional, but an ecosystem of electrifying possibilities.
That’s the world we’re creating at HOBACA – where innovation is the fuel that powers us forward. 

The Art of Coding, Creation, and Energy Optimization

Imagine being a coding dynamo, weaving modern stacks like a maestro, and breathing life into data-driven wonders. As you dive into complex challenges, energy optimization solutions flow effortlessly from your fingertips. You’re not just a coder; you’re a creator of electric dreams. 


Visionary Drive in the Electromobility Era

Now, meet the visionary explorer within you. Feel the pulse of electromobility and the energy transition, and let the endless possibilities spark your curiosity. The charging station becomes a nexus of change, and you’re at its heart, driving progress beyond the ordinary.


But wait, there’s more to this story!

Enter the data scientist, the modern-day detective of charging data streams. With the precision of Sherlock Holmes, you unearth insights and trends, deciphering the language of electrons. Your insights illuminate pathways to efficiency, sustainability, and a brighter future.

Storytelling that opens doors to new horizons

In our journey, technology is the compass, but our voyage isn’t solitary. We seek a sales virtuoso, someone who can paint charging stations as a canvas of innovation. Your persuasion isn’t just sales; it’s storytelling that opens doors to new horizons.


Transforming Financial Currents into the Currency of Progress

 And for the financial wizards, the investment navigators who decode the world of VCs, hedge funds, and angel investors – you’re the architects of our growth, turning financial currents into the currency of progress.


Your Invitation to HOBACA

From full-stack geniuses to marketing maestros, power systems gurus to data scientists extraordinaire, sales trailblazers to investment virtuosos, this isn’t a mere recruitment; it’s an invitation to join a saga.

Your open letter is the prologue, your CV the chapter, and the gateway to the story that unfolds.

Join us at HOBACA

where EVs aren’t just charged; they’re empowered.

Together, we’re rewriting the narrative of mobility, sparking a transformation that radiates far beyond. Be part of the electrifying evolution today!