Connecting your apartment to HOBACA is a breeze – it’s a very easy process that ensures your guests enjoy a seamless charging experience. The most crucial requirement is that the charging station has an internet connection and supports the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) protocol. Once these criteria are met, you can easily integrate your charging station with our platform, bringing all the benefits of HOBACA to your guests.

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With HOBACA, managing EV charging for your apartment is as simple as it gets. Our user-friendly platform allows your guests to pay without the need for any app – they can conveniently scan a QR code to initiate charging. For those who prefer using an app, we also offer a dedicated mobile app for loyalty programs, making it easy for guests to track their charging history and receive exclusive rewards. 


Highly Customizable Tariffs

We understand that each apartment owner has unique preferences and needs.


That’s why all tariffs on HOBACA are highly customizable. You have the freedom to set charging prices and duration based on your desired rates and guest requirements. Additionally, with HOBACA, you can choose to offer complimentary charging to select guests if you wish. Whether it’s a special promotion or a gesture of appreciation, you have the flexibility to provide free charging to specific guests or during certain periods.

Customizable Loyalty Programs

By offering EV charging services through HOBACA, you provide an added value to your rental that sets it apart from others. This modern and eco-friendly feature attracts more guests seeking sustainable stays, increasing your rental’s appeal and bookings. Not only does HOBACA enhance your guest experience, but it also brings in additional revenue for you. With our platform, you can implement customizable loyalty programs, rewarding frequent guests and EV users, encouraging them to choose your apartment for their charging needs repeatedly. 


Worried about Technical Support?

Leave it to us! HOBACA provides full technical support for the platform, ensuring that you and your guests have a smooth and trouble-free charging experience.
Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, making sure everything runs seamlessly.

HOBACA Benefits

Join HOBACA today and elevate your apartment’s offerings with user-friendly and revenue-boosting EV charging services. Experience the benefits of increased guest satisfaction, sustainability, and more bookings, all while enjoying the ease of use and dedicated technical support provided by the HOBACA team. With HOBACA, your apartment becomes the go-to choice for eco-conscious travelers and EV enthusiasts, creating a memorable and enjoyable stay for your valued guests.